IELTS and Oil.

So this week i left college early. Escaped from my jungle prison on Friday instead of Saturday because of IELTS test on Saturday. If you don't already know, the International English Language Testing System is an english language qualification that most universities where english is a medium of instruction require for admission. On that note I booked a test date, paid up the RM520.00 that's required and came yesterday to sit for the test. Left at around 7.30am to the British Council office in Wisma Selangor Dredging which is next to Public Bank in front of KLCC. Hectic test after test ensued from 8am to 3pm. Finally when i was done i met up with a friend who i met at the IELTS test to watch Iron Man!

Ironman was alright, not too factually accurate but then again it's a comic book movie. Loads of thrills and spills. Nice big explosions and kick ass robot armour. Last scene was a robot armour vs robot armour battle. Quite exciting. Don't hope for too much of a touching storyline though and there is no romance at all the movie which is a relief.

So the big news of the week was that i got the Petronas Scholarship. Saw the announcement on Petronas' website. To say i was elated would be an understatement. I was over the moon. There is a grey cloud in all this blue sky though, the next 16 years or so of my life are pretty "mapped out" to say the least. I go to college for another year or two. I go to UK/US for another four years and once i graduate I'm bonded to work for Petronas for 10 years. It may sound very gloomy but hey, Petronas is paying 600k++ to educate me and I get a solid job at a top oil company for market rate salaries for 10 years, economic downturn or no economic downturn. Quite fantastic deal really. By the way i'm going to study Geophysics or i mean Petronas wants me to study Geophysics now that i've effectively sold my soul to Petronas.

Bye world, See you when i'm 33.