Seriousness. Lack of It.

In recent times, my blog posts have been a lot of heavy reading and well, lightheartedness wasn't exactly the order of the day. In that memory today i will present to you my latest invention,


*all conversations and examples are true stories experienced first-hand by yours truly

In this treacherous world today, we are surrounded by whores and with that in mind i have decided to invent a methodology to detect whores with nearly 99% accuracy. For example, when this conversation occurs, person S is definitely a whore.

X : Dude, where's your hometown ah?
Me : Cameron Highlands macha, why la?
X : Nothing la, just asking.. So you like going to your hometown ah?
Me : Yeah. It's pretty cool there. My grandparents passed away but my uncle still stays there.
X : Oh that's cool... What does he do?
Me : Who, my uncle??
X : Yea.
Me : Oh, he owns and runs a strawberry farm. It pawns ass. I can go there and eat free strawberries :P
(all this time person S has been quiet)
S : Oh. My favourite flavour of CONDOMS! is strawberry flavour.

... Conclusion? S is a whore.

Setting : In the car, driving towards a mamak. Z is driving. I am sitting in the front seat and Y is in the back seat.

Z : *screech* F**k that bloody lorry
Me : Chill bro. The bugger probably forgot he's carry large tree trunks and he thinks he's bloody Lewis Hamilton
Z : Damn asshole! (continues swearing)
Me : We should just get out of the car and stick one of those logs up his arse for driving like an idiot.
Z : Yeah. Lets just do that.
Y : You know guys, the logs look like giant DICKS!.

... Conclusion? Y is a whore.

For more whore detection lessons call 555-WHORE. That's 555-WHORE. If you are an AT & T Wireless Phone Subscriber Send WHORE 1 to 5701. (With Ryan Seacrest accent)


Over the past few days, Tibet has been put in the spotlight. Here's an article in the Toronto Star i think some of us should read if you don't have any background knowledge of this. The fact remains that after 50 years of crushing Tibet and diluting Tibetan culture, the so-called New China remains determined in eradicating whatever is left of Tibet, starting with their people. China's puppet Governor in Tibet said that there has only been a handful of people killed in the fatal riots which have been going on for the past week and claims that these casualties were caused by demonstrators themselves, however with the limited media access that is possible, the Tibetan government in exile has determined that nearly 100 people have been killed and most of them by Chinese troops ordered to bring "peace" back to Lhasa at any cost.

The international community is brainwashed by China's money and purchasing power that the lives of innocent Tibetans and their struggle for freedom is ignored in the pursuit of money. Is money that important that human life and the principles of democracy that the people of Tibet hunger for is to be disregarded. The first thing US and EU should do is threaten to pull out of the Beijing Olympics, however they are acting like China's lapdogs and said that there is no chance that they will pull out of the Olympics. How callous can they be? The same people who are very quick to criticise the lack of democracy in the middle-east and asia are not willing to make any concrete actions to back up their claim of protecting democracy. It is not only the EU and US though, Asian countries are just too afraid that China may pull the plug on their gravy train. China has continued to abuse it's economic muscle to beat any opposition to it's disregard for International Law and human rights. We must take a stand.

Please if you have any decency left in you. Tell people who don't know about this and be aware of what China is doing in killing another attempt to restore freedom to the people of Tibet.

For more background reading on this and to educate yourself go to This Site.


Last night was a blast. I got drunk for the 25th time in the last 12 months last night but the alcohol wasn't the star of the show. I got drunk in my cousin's house with all his school mates who are great sports. I really love him school mates, they're great fun. Basically the friends who came last night are

So that's some of the friends who turned up. Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodka Peach, Skol Beer and Tequila (i can't remember the brand). Supposed to be a barbecue session involved in between the drinking but my cousin and his friends' lack of cooking skills made all the chicken become raw and uncooked therefore nobody touched it. They even managed to undercook sausages if that's even possible. Anyways, it was all good fun. A few games of Chor Dai Ti and Poker were also involved. However something really really funny happened. It was something i did but i couldn't remember it until the next morning when i discovered what i did. I called someone when i was drunk. Here's what transpired.....

V : Hello
X : Hi
V : *shouting* I am drunk now. So i'm calling you to because you said you wanted to know how people sound when their drunk
X : Oh, Haha.. *giggle, giggle*
V : I had 6 shots of vodka and 4 glasses of whiskey, so i'm totally drunk. However my brain is still working!! I can still walk in a straight line (and it seems i actually did walk in a straight line while on the phone as i discovered from other people there)
X : Hahahahaha...
V : I still can think very clearly!! You know, i remember A-level Physics, Projectile Motion!! The vertical component of the velocity is u sin θ and the horizontal component is u cos θ.
X : Omg etc. (not too clear what her response was)
X : You wanna know something??
V : Whattttt??
X : I am single now.
V : Oh, I'm so sorry for you... But you know something. Because i'm drunk i can tell this to you!!
X : What?
X : Hahahahahahahahahah
V : *suddenly serious voice* But really. I love you.
X : Omg wtf roflmao.

And that's how i embarassed myself when i got drunk No.25! I have since apologised to that person (she's the one who told me whatever i said anyway). I came home this morning with a stomach ache that has lasted till now. It hurtsss... Good Night!!


Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...
Now it looks like it's here to stay
Oh I believe, In Yesterday...

Yes. Yesterday i was a happier man. Yesterday i was satisfied. Yesterday i felt free and unburdened. Yesterday I collected my SPM results. And Today i am unhappy. These are my SPM results as follows;

English A1
English (GCE O-Levels) A1
Bahasa Malaysia A1
Mathematics A1
Additional Mathematics A1
English for Science and Technology A1
Chemistry A1
Physics A2
Literature in English A2
History A2
Moral C5

That is a total of 6A1's 3A2's and 1C5 or 9A's and 1C. It is of course way better than my initial targeted results in which i predicted i would get 7A1's 1B3 1C6 and 1G9. However i did not get A1's for physics and lit. in which i expected sure A1's. I don't know whether i should be disappointed or pleased. My parents sure seem lackadaisical towards it. Maybe because i am pretty unconcerned as to my results. Well there seems to be nothing left to say. Goodbye.


Today is the 10th of March 2008. That means the 8th of March 2008 was 2 days ago. That means the full results of the 12th General Erection have been fully and officially released by the Fraud-ection Commission. Before i go any further, I would like to state that I am an opposition supporter and my parents voted for DAP so that should give you some perspective on my statements. The final results are as such:
In the Lower House of Parliament (Dewan Rakyat)
BN - 140 Seats
Barisan Rakyat (Total) - 82 Seats
DAP - 28 Seats
PAS - 23 Seats
PKR - 31 Seats

This means that the opposition has successfully denied the 2/3 majority that BN has been abusing for 40 years. The end to constitutional amendments as and when the BN feels like it is over. BN's biggest losses were in FT where 10/13 parliamentary seats were lost to opposition and 4 federal ministers, 6 federal deputy ministers and a few parliamentary secretaries lost their seats. Among the 4 are Semi-Value (the cheater of the indians), Zam zam Alakazam (the propaganda machine), Sharizat (the vote-buyer) and last but not least Aziz Shamshudin. Nearly all MIC candidates lost their parliamentary and state seats and MCA were the biggest losers of the night with their state representation in most states being annihilated and the parliamentary seats being either lost (25/40) or won with small margins (12/15). Gerakan as a party no longer exist as they have lost ALL of the seats they contested in with NO exceptions. UMNO lost over 30 parliamentary seats as well.

State Legislative Assembly (Dewan Undangan Negeri)
Perlis - BN 14 BR 1 * BN rule with 2/3 majority
Kedah - BN 14 BR 22 * BR rule with simple majority
Kelantan - BN 6 BR 39 * BR rule with 2/3 majority
Terengganu - BN 24 BR 8 * BN rule with 2/3 majority
Penang - BN 11 BR 29 * BR rule with 2/3 majority
Perak - BN 28 BR 31 * BR rule with simple majority
Pahang - BN 37 BR 5 * BN rule with 2/3 majority
Selangor - BN 20 BR 36 * BR rule with simple majority ** BR has 65% of seats.
Negeri Sembilan - BN 21 BR 15 * BN rule with simple majority
Malacca - BN 23 BR 5 * BN rule with 2/3 majority
Johore - BN 50 BR 6 * BN rule with 2/3 majority
Sabah - BN 59 BR 1 * BN rule with 2/3 majority

With these results it can be seen that 5 states have fallen to the Barisan Rakyat and in one state BN has lost it's 2/3 majority. I have only two words to say. Makkal Sakthi. Loosely translated it means people power. As RPK said Suara Rakyat, Suara Keramat which means the people's voice is the death knell and it was a resounding one for BN who were drowned in a tsunami of votes. Truly the time has come for solidarity where race and colour no longer matters where a vote is based on who is the best than who is the malay or chinese or indian. Race based politics is over in this nation and together with one voice as one people we have voted to end it. We have given the opposition a chance to lead half of this country and we have given them the voice they want in Parliament, now it is up to them to fulfill their end of the bargain. I hope that their pledges in the People's Declaration will be upheld and they will run this nation the way we want them to run this nation. All politicians are to be treated with a degree of caution. WE ARE THE BOSS. We are the ones who gave them the power and we are the ones who can take it away. The opposition has been given unprecedented power and we are the ones who must check that they are doing their job properly. There is little point in getting rid of one corrupt group and replacing them with another corrupt group. Everyone of us must play a proactive role in checking our government and those with legal training even more so. However, we had reached the lowest ebb in our nation's development and harmony over the last few months and we must all change. Change to accept that your neighbour no matter his skin colour is your brother. Change to accept that your leader that you voted into power is your leader championing YOUR rights no matter his skin colour. To all the indians and chinese who voted for PAS, do no fear because PAS is run by men of the book. Religious men who may be muslim hardliners but have NO chance of being corrupt and inefficient and racist compared to UMNO fools who are all those things AND muslim hardliners. To all malays who voted for DAP, do not fear because DAP is a party for all malaysians. DAP and PKR both fielded candidates from all races because we believe in a united, malaysian malaysia where malay malaysian, chinese malaysian, indian malaysian etc. no longer exist and are replaced my MALAYSIAN!

Umno people have been saying that because the BR has won so many states, these states will have their development projects cancelled and the states will suffer. To this end i urge all of you to view india as a good case example. Nearly all the states are ruled by parties OTHER than the Congress which leads the federal government. India's growth last year was 11%. I rest my case.

I have said a lot about our current state of government. I am not going to notify all of you with the latest election news as you can access that with ease from malaysiakini which is now free until march 12. I have said my piece. Now it is time for all of us to work together to bring a new dawn to this glorious country we call home. Good night


Rugby. Real fun sport. As one experienced player told me, It's a gentleman's game played by hooligans. A real man's sport. No watered down girls version here people. (Women's Football?) Blood, Broken Bones and Bites. The 4B's of Rugby. Last weekend was the KYUEM 10's Rugby Invitational Tournament and I was one of the tourney officials. As always a large amount of the 4B's were involved in every match. I really don't have the mood to get into the nitty-gritty of the tournament. Just the bare bones then. It went on in UKM over the last weekend. 13 teams were involved. I can't really remember all but here's a few. Politeknik Shah Alam. Kolej Mara Seremban. Kolej Mara Bangi. KYUEM. KYSER Junior. Taylor's College. INTEC. TWINTECH. Sekolah Menengah Teknik Sepang. Sekolah Menengah Teknik Ampangan. Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor (SEMASHUR). Sekolah Menengah Sains Selangor (SEMENSAH). In the Final, KYUEM lost to Politeknik Shah Alam 7-0. It was a hard fought match with both teams playing fantastic rugby but honestly, the better team lost. Anyway congratulations Roughnecks. It's our best finish in our history of organising this tournament and it's an improvement on last year's finish of 3rd place so it's a fantastic showing by all our players.

I'm back in college for the last week of this semester and this weekend i'm going HOME! FOR 3 WEEKS!! Joy. I'll see you on the other side :)