Seriousness. Lack of It.

In recent times, my blog posts have been a lot of heavy reading and well, lightheartedness wasn't exactly the order of the day. In that memory today i will present to you my latest invention,


*all conversations and examples are true stories experienced first-hand by yours truly

In this treacherous world today, we are surrounded by whores and with that in mind i have decided to invent a methodology to detect whores with nearly 99% accuracy. For example, when this conversation occurs, person S is definitely a whore.

X : Dude, where's your hometown ah?
Me : Cameron Highlands macha, why la?
X : Nothing la, just asking.. So you like going to your hometown ah?
Me : Yeah. It's pretty cool there. My grandparents passed away but my uncle still stays there.
X : Oh that's cool... What does he do?
Me : Who, my uncle??
X : Yea.
Me : Oh, he owns and runs a strawberry farm. It pawns ass. I can go there and eat free strawberries :P
(all this time person S has been quiet)
S : Oh. My favourite flavour of CONDOMS! is strawberry flavour.

... Conclusion? S is a whore.

Setting : In the car, driving towards a mamak. Z is driving. I am sitting in the front seat and Y is in the back seat.

Z : *screech* F**k that bloody lorry
Me : Chill bro. The bugger probably forgot he's carry large tree trunks and he thinks he's bloody Lewis Hamilton
Z : Damn asshole! (continues swearing)
Me : We should just get out of the car and stick one of those logs up his arse for driving like an idiot.
Z : Yeah. Lets just do that.
Y : You know guys, the logs look like giant DICKS!.

... Conclusion? Y is a whore.

For more whore detection lessons call 555-WHORE. That's 555-WHORE. If you are an AT & T Wireless Phone Subscriber Send WHORE 1 to 5701. (With Ryan Seacrest accent)