It's been really a long time since my last post. I have been so super busy with all the things going on in college now. I can't remember a time that i've been so busy since march-june last year. It's just been classes, work, activity, repeat. 3 Tests in the last 2 weeks alone. Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Tension! With all that we had Inter House Rugby Tournament which Sapphire won, we had Inter House Dikir Barat which Topaz won and other stuff. Last weekend i went to an orphanage near Batu Caves with the KYUEM Rotaract club. We built up their playroom and stocked it full with toys and books and furniture. Fantastic work to do in your free time. It's been quite some time since i did any social work and to think i nearly forgot how good it feels. The happiness you get from doing Social work is like nothing else. Truly. I'm updating from college and my college Wi-Fi sucks so bad that it's nearly impossible to do anything that's why there are so few pictures these days. I have so many pictures of all these events and i want to put them up but i just can't!

Over the weekend we went to Kem Rekreasi Raja Intan Suraya near Sungai Siput in Perak. The camp is by the shore of Sungai Perak and it's supposed to be the 5th most beautiful nature camp in Peninsular Malaysia. It was part of Diamond House Trip for 2008 and it was a really fun camp. I think i can safely say that the theme of the camp is being wet. There was a single moment between 1pm on Saturday and 10.30a.m. on Sunday when i was 100% dry. ALL the activities involved water and LARGE amounts of it. People just kept on getting dunked into the river and pails upon pails of river water being thrown on unsuspecting individuals. There was an entire game constructed around getting the Seniors drenched! We also did river floating and water confidence which are exercises designed to build your confidence in a strong current river. Kayaking was also done. Lots and lots of camwhoring also. I think we took nearly 1500 pictures in that two day period with just Bob's Camera! Finally got to eat some proper food as well because after the trip we went to Jusco Ipoh where there is a Kenny Rogers. Joy! :P

Last night was the Carling Cup Final. Tottenham Vs Chelsea. Kick-off was at 1500 GMT which was at 11.00pm local time. It was not a very good match. Joe Cole was benched for god knows what reason. I'm extremely unhappy with Avram Grant and most Chelsea fans are united with me. Chelsea just lacked creativity and width. Ashley Cole didn't play so there was just not enough width on the left. Wayne Bridge put in a decent performance but it just wasn't good enough. Lacklustre performances all around except when Drogba scored his 10th goal of the season with a perfectly placed free kick which left Robinson rooted to the ground. Tottenham didn't play very well but they got their slices of luck when it mattered. A foolish mistake by Bridge gave them a penalty which Berbatov calmly dispatched and a rare Cech blunder in punching the ball away from a free kick slammed the ball of Woodgate's head and into the back of the net in extra time! An all round bad performance by Chelsea and Tottenham the deserved winners. Real rubbish but we're still in 3 more tournaments and we'll look for our silverware elsewhere. Champions League anyone?



Words are very powerful. As many wise (Hollywood Screen Writers) men have said "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword". I have to say i believe that line simply because of recent experiences. I have been bleeding over the past few days. Losing a lot of blood in fact. It's simply due to words or more precisely, a lack of it from a certain person. As far as cold shoulders and icy feet go, this person has frozen me top down. Despite the freezing conditions, I still bleed. The unseen blade of speech thrust into my heart. I don't know what i did. I don't know when i did whatever i did do. The worst part is that i can't find out because the only person who knows is giving me a freezing hand. I'm losing sleep as well as i continue to contemplate my next action. Hopefully i will get an epiphany on how to solve this mess i seem to surround myself in.

Next however is results. KYUEM Inter-House Rugby Tournament 2008 to be precise. I am not going to cover all the results, just the ones i was involved in. Day 1 Diamond 5 Sapphire 20. Day 2 Diamond 10 Garnet 0. Day 3 Diamond 15 Topaz 20. Day 4 (3rd-4th Placing) Diamond 10 Garnet 0. Final Sapphire 20 Topaz 5. Congratulations Sapphire, you whooped our collective arses. Good job Diamonders, for a rag-tag team of makeshift players we really held our own. Go Diamond.

Also earlier this evening was the Inter-House Dikir Barat contest. Yes. Dikir Barat. Thank god i didn't join. It was extremely embarassing to say the very least. Just follow the link if you don't know what that is. Topaz won it, Sapphire 2nd and Diamond 3rd. I'm not going to say who was last as that is rather obvious and we wouldn't want to offend anyone would we :P.

I'm really sorry about the pictures of my pretty made up face. I just can't get my hands on an internet connection stable enough to upload anything so it really is very difficult to get it done however i will try my best to get it done.

The Student Council Elections just ended on the 15th. After weeks of hard campaigning the candidates finally came to the end of their campaign. It will still some days before we get our hands on any results so until then we'll have to wait.

I've just started Life Saving lessons so i'm on my path to becoming a certified Life Guard! However the road is going to be long and hard as the most important part of being a Life Guard is the fitness. You have to be extremely fit. I mean 300m swimming in 6 minutes fit! You also must learn all the swimming techniques and learn all the Life Guard material. Long way more but i think i'll make it!

Finally the last thing, i'm running out of breath here, the college put a new computer in my apartment.
It's not very fantastic or anything but it is reasonably good. Internal graphics is the only grouse i have against it but it's still more than good enough to play all the CS and DoTA in the world. The best part is that the internet works better on this computer than on other laptops for some weird reason.

It's time for me to go to bed now. Tomorrow i have to wake up at 7am and get ready to go to an orphanage in Gombak. Together with the KYUEM Rotaract Club i'm going to help clean up and fix the playroom in the orphanage. Full day activity. GOOD NIGHT PEOPLE!!

Final Score: Liverpool 1 Barnsley 2
Chelsea 3 Huddersfield 1
As of 40' Manchester United 2 Arsenal 0

Joy Vs Happiness

My first post from Home in a long time. It has been a very intriguing 3 weeks in KYUEM and i've had many meaningful and deep conversations with people. Sorry about the Bangsawan pictures. It will be some time yet before they are up. I was discussing the difference between Joy and Happiness on a jog with one of my college friends.

I said, Happiness is what lasts with you for a fleeting moment. Happiness can come in a split second and leave immediately after. Happiness comes with material possession, Happiness comes with satisfaction of wants. Now lets see what a dictionary has to say about Happiness.

Happiness - noun
1. the quality or state of being happy.
2. good fortune; pleasure; contentment

Those are all the things happiness is. I think i'm relatively close to my mum so i asked her this question. What is happiness? She said, Happiness is something that is insignificant in your life. Anybody can get happy. See a starving child in Sudan. Give him/her food. He's happy.

Is that picture all there is to life? Isn't there Joy?? What is Joy. Joy is a long-term thing. It's that feeling you feel when you wake up in the morning (or in my case at lunch-time) and it gives you a reason to roll of that bed. It's that person lying next to you in bed. It's that energy you feel when you go for a jog. It's that reason you live. That's Joy!
Joy - noun
1. the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by something exceptionally good or satisfying; keen pleasure; elation
2. a source or cause of keen pleasure or delight; something or someone greatly valued or appreciated

I think the dictionary is spot on there. That sums up Joy. That's all i have to say. Any suggestions for Happiness vs Joy? Leave a comment on the board. Good Night.

PS. I'm on Facebook. Add me vikra_the_man@Hotmail.com :D

KYUEM stuff.

It really has been a long time. Nearly a full week since i last updated my blog. A lot of things has happened in that time. I felt attracted to certain individuals. I grew to hate certain other people and I am confused about my relationship with an individual i initially thought there may be a future in. A great deal of confusing personal stuff is going on right now with me. However, classes has been going decently well. New teacher for Pure Mathematics. She sucks. Really, really bad. I mean school teachers were bad enough but this idiot brings another level to idiocy.

Otherwise, I got my tutor and was assigned my house this week. I'm in Diamond. Diamond is good, lots of smart people are my seniors. My tutor is a lepak guy though. He doesn't really care about the time we spend. He's a Physics lecturer so if you have any problems in that he'll probably help you but otherwise, just talk to your friends.

This week we had the first of the Inter-House competitions. Bangsawan. It's basically a competition between the four houses, Diamond, Sapphire, Topaz and Garnet with each house putting up a Malay Classical Drama. Sultan's, Pembesar's and Hulubalang's. The stories are all different but the characters are relatively same. Lots of very very elaborate and complex props were involved. I was involved in props (construction, placing and movement) and i also was an actor. Pembesar X in scenes 2,3 and 4. I had no lines but i had to look wise and show sad, happy and thoughtful expressions as and when needed. In the end Topaz won but Diamond won Best Male Actor and Best Female Actor and Best Production. Topaz won Best Overall, Best Director, Best Script and a few others. Very fun overall. I have lots of pictures of my pretty, made up, lipsticked face but it will only be up tomorrow or a bit later perhaps. It's not on my friend's laptop yet. Ok i think that's it.

PS. I'm coming home on Tuesday 5/2/2008. CNY break till 10/2/2008. Give me a call and we can hang out KL-style :D. Bye