Good morning. I would suppose most people reading this are in Malaysia. First, see this picture.
Yes. Have you had enough? Enough for lies? Enough of lap sap? Enough of twisted reporting? Enough of inciting statements? Enough of war-mongering? Enough of misleading "news"?

People's Parliament has decided that he has had enough. And so have many other people. So have I. So the first step would be to read and the second step would be to appear at the anti-newspaper flashmob.


Venue : Main Concourse, Suria KLCC, KL
Date: 1 Jan 2008 (Public Holiday)
Time: 3pm

What to do:

1. Go to Suria KLCC Main Concourse on 1 Jan 2008 at 3pm.

2. Bring a copy of local newspaper; it can be The Star, NST, Metro, Malay Mail, Utusan Melayu, Berita Harian, Sin Chew Jit Poh, Nanyang Siang Pow, or any Tamil dailies.Don't bring the Sun. This is not an old newspaper dumping ground.

3. At 3.30pm sharp, crumple the newspapers and throw them inside the rubbish bins.


NOTE: DO NOT LITTER. If the rubbish bins are full, stack your newspapers on top of the pile. If you can’t do that, find other rubbish bins at 1st Floor or other floors.

The ultimate goal is to dump the newspapers collectively as a sign of protest!!

Thanks Haris. I'm turning up. You?

New Years Coming.

Ola Senorãs and Senoritãs. Como Esta?

Ok that's all the Espãnol i can speak. Chelsea is playing now. Nicely worked goal from Micheal Essien and Shaun Wright-Phillips. 1-0 at the Bridge so far. New Year's coming. My time is coming to an end. So as to emphasis this point i went shopping this morning. Bought a new Nike Overplay running shoes, a new Umbro Super500 football boots, a Adidas backpack and a Converse white collar-T. I also bought like 172 RM worth of toiletries. My mom went mad in Watsons. Deodorant la, Vitamin C la, 2 shampoo's, soap, nail clippers, cuticle scissors and i don't know what else la. Now i still have a couple of clothes that the college requested i bring like a Batik Shirt (what on earth for??) and formal shirt(s) and pant(s). Ok. I wanna go back to football for now. Score update later. Bye.

EDIT: Chelsea win 2-1. Scrappy goal by Newcastle after half-time. Nicky Butt. But Salomon Kalou links up from Claudio Pizarro at the end for another goal and gives Chelsea all 3 points. I have to be honest with myself. That goal was totally offside. Plain and simple. However the result of the day is WHU 2 MU 1. Manchester United lose for the third time straight to West Ham. Also Tottenham beat Reading 6 to... 4!! That's right, 10 goals in one game.


Bye. Weird that i start a post with a goodbye but that's what the situation warrants. Tomorrow 29,000+ people who are born in 1990 will be heading to various camps around the country for National Service. 3 months later they will return. So many people i know are heading off so sorry if i can't mention everyone.

Ally.Chun Hon.Choo.Seng Hang.Shim.Khew.Eric.Kah Mun and many others. Goodbye all of you. Take care. Stay safe and most importantly don't accidentally shoot yourself with the M-16. Bye.



Chelsea acceded 4 goals. At home. To VILLA! I was so disappointed. Ballack struck a beautiful free-kick at the death but refereeing errors cost us the 3 points.

Back home. I just finished reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night-Time ISBN Code : 0-09-945025-9. Very good book. Have a read.

EDIT: Read the book yourself. The synopsis is gone. :D

Go ahead. Get it.

Merry Christmas

Hello. To say i ushered Christmas 2007 in a big way would be a lie. I was sitting in a cab at 12.00AM on 25/12/07. The taxi driver was really something. One of those people you meet and figure you'll never forget. Anyway what happened before and after i got on the cab was infinitely more interesting than what happened at that exact moment. The Day started with me taking a bus. My first encounter with public transport since my Nose Job. A few *toot* of the Touch N' Go reader later, i found myself at the huge white Christmas Tree in KL Pavilion. Met a friend and made some new acquaintances before proceeding to room 2124 in The Ritz-Carlton. (Thanks Mdm.Sylvia) Waited for a friend's boyfriend before heading out to Karaoke at RedBox+ in Pavilion. RM27, music, half-decent singing, terrible food (supposed to be buffet!) and 3 hours later we were ushered out by the Good Bye notice on the screen.What happens next is unsurprising considering that our party of 6 consisted of 2 guys and 4 girls. We went into every store that caught their eye, took a spin and walked out for 40 minutes or so. The girls went back to the room while me and Austin (hope i spelt your name right mate.) went looking for a pack of playing cards. Five 7-11's later we finally found one. I learnt how to play Chor Dai Ti after much tutoring (once again thanks mate.) and Bullshit. While waiting for Jo's cousin Emilia, we sat around and chatted planning what to do that night. Elaine wanted to go clubbing. So after much talking, changing and eating (Food Republic at Pavilion) we were out for what was supposed to be the highlight of the night. All 8 of us. We first went to Qba - Westin. Too quiet was the complaint. Then we got cabs and for RM 15 (absolutely wasted!) we went to Asian Heritage Row. First we walked up and down a few times deciding which one we wanted to try to enter. After much walking and in one case in the wrong direction (Good exercise huh Emilia) we attempted to enter Maisons. All of my very unprepared friends were well, unprepared. Lack of Fake ID being the complaint of the night. Me on the other hand had a beautiful IC bearing the numbers 860428-1405571. I was officially 21. :D After many phone calls to all our "contacts" inside and outside and everywhere in between Maisons proved beyond the reach of my officially 17 year old counterparts. Then we tried to enter Bar Club. Same result there. Patience was running thin and 2 of our company had already departed back. Finally as a last gasp shot we attempted to enter Sunshine. Much coaxing and cajoling ensued but entry proved once again beyond us. Feeling let down and disappointed (Sorry Girls.) we left back to the hotel. And then we come to the point where i started. Merry Christmas all round in a speeding cab. What happened next? Well i think you can imagine. 6 people. No Christmas. Less Alcohol and worst of all, On The Street. 7-11 came to our rescue and 3 bottles of Heineken, 2 Bottles of 5% alcohol Vodka ("more like orange juice with alcohol" quote) and we proceeded to the room where much drinking and Chor Dai Ti ensued. Lots of frank conversations (i was getting drunk. Slowly But Surely) and by 4am when i finally decided to sleep i was so stoned i couldn't make it out of the room and into the hall (where i slept incidentally) i collapsed once in the corridor and Christy helped me up (thanks!) and into my couch where i passed out with much ado. Soon i woke up because i didn't draw the curtains before sleeping so you can just imagine how i felt when i woke up! First thing i felt was a wave of nausea. Then a headache. Before a bout of vomiting could ensue i made coffee and took a shit. Feeling slightly more stabilised we went for breakfast. I still felt like shit and the nausea was just getting worse. McD's Big Breakfast (there were only 6 breakfasts on the room) with Austin and a walk just made it worse. Finally i left for home. A memorable 24 Hours indeed. Many goodbyes on the train. Probably will the last time i'll see all those people for 6 months at least and in one case, a year. Reached home and passed out on the bed after a shower and some antacid and panadols.

Now that's what happened. STONE NO. 23 for me. Total cost of outing. Rm103. (I keep meticulous accounts of my expenditure.) When i was thinking on the bus on the way home, in between the waves of nausea and throbbing headache, i had an epiphany of sorts. I realised that a man's most prized asset is not his mansion on the hilltop, it's not his flash car, it's not his bank account or his bling. It's people who love him. I mean, you can never buy friends anymore that you can buy family and that's what makes it priceless. I spent quite some money in that 24 hour period but the friends i had there transcended all that. They would have treated me exactly the same even if i had spent nothing. That's what's most important. I'm going to lose everybody i have known my entire life when i leave on the 15th of January. That made me shed a tear. Thanks everyone who has impacted my life in any way. I will never forget you. Goodbye.


Hey Guys. Party is off. I am sick. Sorry O.

Sleepy O.

Now i am watching El Clasico. The biggest battle in European football. (I mean mainland europe) Real Madrid vs Barcelona. More than 600 Million Euros worth of talent is on the pitch and well they aren't doing justice to their value so far. Anyway on to more valuable players (in terms of their performance of course) Chelsea battled their way to a 1-0 away win against Blackburn. A sweet linkup between Salomon Kalou and Joe Cole provided the only goal of the game just before the stroke of halftime. Joe Cole produced an emphatic finish to condemn Blackburn to their defeat in the last 9 games and 3rd straight defeat. All in all a good performance by Chelsea, however Petr Cech was escorted off injured after trying to battle a hip injury for 15 minutes or so. Hilario came in because Cudicini was out sick. Ok. I gotta go sleep soon perhaps. Going out tomorrow early in the morning so Good Night.

Bukit Jalil Park

This morning i woke up at 10am. Yes i am that lazy. But as justification i did sleep at 1.30am last night because i was watching Liverpool Torre-rize Pompey 4-1. It really was One man against Eleven for Liverpool. If El-Nino didn't play they would probably have drawn or even lost. However The Kid did play and Pompey were humiliated. Tonights' lineup is Chelsea vs Blackburn and Man U vs Everton. Anyways, Christmas is coming! Yay. I am delighted :D I may be going to watch National Treasure 2 tomorrow, probably could watch Warlords as well.

Tonight Predictions : Man U 2 Everton 1
Chelsea 1 Blackburn 0

Btw. Confirm your attendance for my party by tomorrow night please please pleaseee...


Hello peeps. As mentioned earlier, i am going to college in perak KYUEM on January 15 2008. That's about 25 days from now. Once i'm there i'll only be back for easter in april. So i am thinking of having a bit of a party on the 27th of Dec. Anyway here's a map to my house just in case the party thing works out. Drop a message in the box or msn me to confirm your attendance/un-attendance. To get to Taman Desa you can take RapidKL Bus no. U72 from Midvalley Main Road Bus Stop/KL Sentral Monorail Station/Pasar Seni Putra LRT Station and stop and the bus stop's marked in Red. Simple and straightforward haha. Byes Anyways

Hari Raya.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to all my Muslim Kawan's. May you practice your religious beliefs in peace, harmony and security.


My.Nose.Is.Bleeding. ~
It hurts as well :(

Otherwise I'm awake watching football at 5.40AM. Chelsea vs Liverpool at the Bridge. Brilliant Frank Lampard goal (59') followed by idiotic challenge by Peter Crouch which got him sent off unsuprisingly. Shevchenko also shamed Charles Itandje on the 89th minute. Liverpool's inability to score at Stamford Bridge (for the past four years in fact) continues :P. Poor, poor scousers. Anyway the Roman Army Marches On to the semi-final of the Carling Cup joined by Arsenal, Tottenham and Everton. Next up Blackburn's Woes Will Continue this Saturday at the hands of Shevchenko and Ballack!

Goodbye! and GoodNight.

EDIT : Final Score Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0

I'm Home!

Hey guys, I'm HOME! I just got home today after 7 days in Assunta Hospital. First off, I would like to thank the nurses at the hospital. After being admitted at 3 private hospitals, i think assunta's nurses wins hands tied behind their back. They are super caring, attentive, professional and most importantly they're approachable because they communicate with patients as people and not just as patients. Thank you!

Next up, thank you to Dr. Chandran, the visiting ENT specialist in Assunta for a professional job and excellent post-operative care. Thanks also to Dr. Suresh Raj for coming and looking into me after my nose didn't stop bleeding for 3 days. Ok i think that's all the thanking i need to do. Back to buisness then. My nose is crooked. Inside. So it caused problems. Many many problems where breathing and flu or flu-like diseases were concerned especially. Thus the doc recommended i get it sliced and straightened. There we go. Now i'm home and it's over.

Before i get carried away though here's what happened at Pangkor DAY 2!

Woke up at around 8.15A.M because of Jun Min's incessant alarm that could not shut up. Took a shower and went down to the nearby nasi lemak stall (which incidentally was the only shop open there) to get some breakfast. Bought two packets of nasi lemak, one with ikan bilis sambal and one with sotong. I finished one and ate half of the other. The leftovers were eaten by joseph and melvin but it didn't actually finish. I chucked it in the bin and then we left to the beach! The Man who was supposed to be our guide well took us on a boat ride around the island. Then we decided to hire a banana boat just to experience falling into the water repeatedly. Yes. Sounds fun eh? Before that though the round-the-island boatride actually included a snorkelling "adventure" so first the many amateur snorkellers and some experienced scuba divers ie ME were "put through the paces" by The Man. Then we were transported to a tiny coral reef were we saw many fish. I counted six different types. It wasn't much but to the many first time snorkellers among us it was something really special. After all of this we returned to the hotel for a quick wash then we headed to lunch. Makan, makan, makan. Then to burn off the many pounds of seafood we consumed collectively we headed to the pool to play more captain-ball in the water. Fun Fun Fun. Finally, exhausted we took a shower and lepaked around listening to music and keh bin was using my hard drive to uhh to satisfy his needs. Haha. We then went for makan again and this was the so-called "barbecue" well much of a barbecue it was lol. Here's some pictures;
Then we went back to resort where the highlight of the trip came. Beer. Lots and Lots of Beer. Lots of people were semi-drunk and some people were totally stoned. Andrew was one of those who were totally stoned. Absolutely. 100%. He drank a lot. And we were all playing games with him lol. Arjuna was asking stupid questions like "why did the chicken cross the road?" and wing luo played this trick on him because andrew was looking for more beer and he found it despite our attempts to hide them all haha. So we took the beer from him and put it on the table. Then we made cups of tea. Then wing luo challenged andrew to gamble with him. If andrew loses, wing luo drinks beer, andrew drinks tea. If he wins, vice-versa. Wing luo then brilliantly arranged the cards so that andrew would draw 15 but wingluo would draw 21 on the first hand! Then andrew brushed it all aside saying that he didn't want to play anymore! That was totally fun. Here's a couple more nice pictures.
Well Keh Bin's in this picture so you can just guess what was everybody looking at. Haha. After a long night of drinking and gambling (i lost 20 bux) we went to bed. Next day we woke up cleaned up, checked out, bought souveniers and went home! Well thanks pangkor for a great trip full of treasured memories that i will cherish forever!


Vikra's friend here.

Vikra's in Assunta Hospital right now. He will be discharged on Wednesday.

The surgery is called septoplasty.

Well, lets wait until he fully recovers! take care boy:)

P.S: Don't miss him ><

Varied Response.

Ok, before i get into the details about the absoluto-fucking-ly amazing trip to pangkor there is some information that i think needs telling. I went to the FACON education fair yesterday and i handed in my application to KYUEM (see earlier posts for college details). Later in the day while i was watching football i got an sms from the admissions officer saying that my application is accepted and i'm in. Yeap so that's it, on the 15th of January 2008 8.30am, i have to report in at lembah beringin. I have exactly 36 days from today till i vanish from the face of the earth forever. (or at least 1.5 years) So if you have anything to tell me, anything at all before i go please, please tell me before i'm gone lol. I may be having a small party before i leave, not sure though tell me if you're interested in coming. Ok i think that covers it for that. Now on to Pangkor.

Before i start, watch this video. Shit loads of fun.

So here we go. I don't have all the pictures yet because 3 more cameras have to be updated. So i'll just do day one.

Left home in the morning with two bottles of tiger beer and clothes. Got to school at 7am only to realise nobody's there yet and the threats that "the bus is gonna leave at 7.30 with or without you" are baseless. By 8.10 everybody was there except the hero Seng Hang who only turned up at 8.30. Finally KL was out of the horizon and we rumbled along. Stopped once at Ladang Bikam Rest Stop for a leak and couple of chips/snacks. Finally made it to Lumut at 12 or so then crossed over to the island.
After crossing over, we put on our sunglasses and headed out for lunch. Yes i look like a idiot.
After eating, we were unsure what to do. That's when somebody came up with a brilliant idea. "Rent geok che la". So off we went looking for a bicycle rental place and fortunately it was right next to us. No pictures yet of the bicycles. Sadly 3 people couldn't ride bicycles but they learnt quickly. After that we went to the beach where this happened.

yes as you may have guessed, we found a crab. A bloody crab that decided to bite my fingers and not let go. the red marks on my thumb are the bites. Word of Advice: DONT HOLD A CRAB BY ITS BODY. YOU WILL BE BITTEN AND IT DOES HURT! A LOT! After that we played beach soccer and beach volleyball. We saw 3 hot chicks and we repeatedly tried to kick/hit the ball towards them but they left before we managed to do it. What a waste lol. Later we played captain ball in the swimming pool. This is what happened.

After that showers came and we had dinner at the adjoining small chinese restaurant (where we had all our other meals as well haha no complaints about the food though.) AND THEN, wherever there is wing luo this happens.
After a lot of the above, ie gambling and PS2 we went to bed. i was slightly better off that others because i had the foresight to bring a blanket! yay.
And thats it for day 1. Day 2 will come tomorrow. that's it for now.


Yay. I'm home. Just strolled in the front door few hours ago after 3 days in Pangkor. 5MAK trip :P There is just so much to write about but i think i'm gonna wait for all the photos to be compiled first then i'll put in a couple of posts about the trip. Other than that, it's Friday Night! I'm gonna head out and play basketball so good night!

A day.

As the title suggests, today was a day. Not a particularly eventful day. But an ordinary day. Painfully ordinary even. Chelsea won last night so that's good news. They played badly and won, now that's the hallmark of a championship team! West Ham as usual played negative football trying to escape the Bridge with a point but as usual it was to no avail. Chelsea dominated the second half and Drogba set up Joe Cole to score. Avram Grant later made important substitution to make sure Everton doesn't repeat itself. He brought on Makelele which shows us he actually learns lessons.

Back to today and away from football, don't want to scare off too many people, i did very little. Basically watched tv. Lots and Lots of tv. Also watched badminton. Very disappointing. Lin Dan beat Lee Chong Wei in 3 Sets. Chong Wei destroyed Lin Dan in the first set 21-9 but messed up in the second set and lost heart in the 3rd set after a bunch of bad line calls. Bloody Umpires are so pro-China. Well don't take anything away from Lin Dan, he simply outfought Chong Wei. So congratulations Lin Dan for winning the final Super Series event of the year and Chong Wei for finishing second for the nth time this year.

I'm disappointed in myself. I keep on running back to sports. It's as if i have nothing else to write about. Actually i don't but that's beside the point. So the other day i was watching CNN (yes that's not laughing matter!) and i saw this special show called the CNN-Youtube US Presidential Debate. It was good. I mean i was thinking about what each candidate was talking about. They invited people to ask questions and the candidates answered them stating their position and what their going to do. Some of the questions were about US infrastructure spending, The Wars, European relations, the economy, China and lots of other things that concern American voters and who they're going to vote for. It wa really really interesting because what they say, well they have to back it up when they get elected (if) and if they don't they'll get kicked out at the next election. I was left thinking, why can't we have this in Malaysia? Why can't the government answer my questions? Why can't the people who my parents elect in the future have to answer our questions before they get elected? Why can't they be transparent and have nothing to hide? Why can't they state their stand on the issues and the issues that matter to us? Think about it and comment. Good Night!


Ok. It's nearly confirmed that i'm going to KYUEM. It's a private, residential, boarding Sixth Form College. That means i'm going to spend the next 1.5 years away from the world. The college is really in the middle of nowhere. It's next Lembah Beringin Golf Course about 75KM from KL City. Technically speaking it's an hours drive, which doesn't sound so far on paper but hell it's a long way off from my world. But despite that, i'm looking forward to going there. I can come back home every other weekend, I have 2.5 months off in the middle of the year for summer and i have all government and UK holidays. So it's not so bad. The facilities there are absolutely amazing though. Indoor and Outdoor basketball courts, Olympic Swimming Pool, Gym, Full FIFA Football Field (which has grass everywhere, even under the goal post!) and tonnes of other stuff. I will stay there the hostel-chalets. The chalets are super-cool because each one has Wi-Fi and 4 rooms so every person has a room to themselves and there's a common room as well. It doesn't come cheap though, 45K RM for the entire thing. I spent nearly the whole day there today and thanks Azman for showing us around btw. Well i think that's all.. leave your comments about the place guys. Ta-ta

Raleighing and KYUEM

Hi. Anyone heard of Raleigh International? Well if you haven't check this out RALEIGH. Raleigh is basically an organisation that allows youth to go and help out people around the world. Previously, Raleigh has sent Malaysians to Chile, Bolivia and many other exciting countries to do community service. They have also sent overseas raleighers to Sarawak to a Penan village to help them create a solar powered electricity generator. So I saw a piece about Raleigh's Introduction Weekend in the Sun today and i thought, hmm i'm not really doing anything, why don't i sign up? A phone call later and some time spent in front of the computer, i have the form and i'm filling it up now. It's no ordinary form though, i need to get someone to write a reference letter about me. I also have to write an essay about myself, my experiences, my travels, my previous activties and lots of other stuff. So here I am, writing away... Well pray that i get through lol. I really want to go lol. Ok i think that's all. By the way, tomorrow i'm going to KYUEM College in Bukit Nowhere-Beruntung which is well, in the middle of nowhere! Apparently they are the best private college in the country. 87% of their students get 3 or 4A's for A-levels! If that isn't amazing enough, here's a bit for you to chew on. Their A-levels program costs 45K RM!!! I rest my case. Good night!

The first one. For the fourth time.

Welcome. So this is the first post in my new blog. Well new to you of course i've had four before this. All four fizzled out when i became too busy with some project or rather but i'm determined to not let this one go down that path. Anyway patience and soon my first proper post will arrive. A word of caution of course, this is not going to be your ordinary, angst ridden teenage blog. This is going to be serious and serious means i won't pull any punches when push comes to shove. Howe this does not mean it's not going to be fun because thats what i'm all about fun. So in equal proportions there will be posts on what's going on in my life and there are going to be serious, thought-provoking posts. I think that's a long enough introduction. See you around eh.