I'm Home!

Hey guys, I'm HOME! I just got home today after 7 days in Assunta Hospital. First off, I would like to thank the nurses at the hospital. After being admitted at 3 private hospitals, i think assunta's nurses wins hands tied behind their back. They are super caring, attentive, professional and most importantly they're approachable because they communicate with patients as people and not just as patients. Thank you!

Next up, thank you to Dr. Chandran, the visiting ENT specialist in Assunta for a professional job and excellent post-operative care. Thanks also to Dr. Suresh Raj for coming and looking into me after my nose didn't stop bleeding for 3 days. Ok i think that's all the thanking i need to do. Back to buisness then. My nose is crooked. Inside. So it caused problems. Many many problems where breathing and flu or flu-like diseases were concerned especially. Thus the doc recommended i get it sliced and straightened. There we go. Now i'm home and it's over.

Before i get carried away though here's what happened at Pangkor DAY 2!

Woke up at around 8.15A.M because of Jun Min's incessant alarm that could not shut up. Took a shower and went down to the nearby nasi lemak stall (which incidentally was the only shop open there) to get some breakfast. Bought two packets of nasi lemak, one with ikan bilis sambal and one with sotong. I finished one and ate half of the other. The leftovers were eaten by joseph and melvin but it didn't actually finish. I chucked it in the bin and then we left to the beach! The Man who was supposed to be our guide well took us on a boat ride around the island. Then we decided to hire a banana boat just to experience falling into the water repeatedly. Yes. Sounds fun eh? Before that though the round-the-island boatride actually included a snorkelling "adventure" so first the many amateur snorkellers and some experienced scuba divers ie ME were "put through the paces" by The Man. Then we were transported to a tiny coral reef were we saw many fish. I counted six different types. It wasn't much but to the many first time snorkellers among us it was something really special. After all of this we returned to the hotel for a quick wash then we headed to lunch. Makan, makan, makan. Then to burn off the many pounds of seafood we consumed collectively we headed to the pool to play more captain-ball in the water. Fun Fun Fun. Finally, exhausted we took a shower and lepaked around listening to music and keh bin was using my hard drive to uhh to satisfy his needs. Haha. We then went for makan again and this was the so-called "barbecue" well much of a barbecue it was lol. Here's some pictures;
Then we went back to resort where the highlight of the trip came. Beer. Lots and Lots of Beer. Lots of people were semi-drunk and some people were totally stoned. Andrew was one of those who were totally stoned. Absolutely. 100%. He drank a lot. And we were all playing games with him lol. Arjuna was asking stupid questions like "why did the chicken cross the road?" and wing luo played this trick on him because andrew was looking for more beer and he found it despite our attempts to hide them all haha. So we took the beer from him and put it on the table. Then we made cups of tea. Then wing luo challenged andrew to gamble with him. If andrew loses, wing luo drinks beer, andrew drinks tea. If he wins, vice-versa. Wing luo then brilliantly arranged the cards so that andrew would draw 15 but wingluo would draw 21 on the first hand! Then andrew brushed it all aside saying that he didn't want to play anymore! That was totally fun. Here's a couple more nice pictures.
Well Keh Bin's in this picture so you can just guess what was everybody looking at. Haha. After a long night of drinking and gambling (i lost 20 bux) we went to bed. Next day we woke up cleaned up, checked out, bought souveniers and went home! Well thanks pangkor for a great trip full of treasured memories that i will cherish forever!