Varied Response.

Ok, before i get into the details about the absoluto-fucking-ly amazing trip to pangkor there is some information that i think needs telling. I went to the FACON education fair yesterday and i handed in my application to KYUEM (see earlier posts for college details). Later in the day while i was watching football i got an sms from the admissions officer saying that my application is accepted and i'm in. Yeap so that's it, on the 15th of January 2008 8.30am, i have to report in at lembah beringin. I have exactly 36 days from today till i vanish from the face of the earth forever. (or at least 1.5 years) So if you have anything to tell me, anything at all before i go please, please tell me before i'm gone lol. I may be having a small party before i leave, not sure though tell me if you're interested in coming. Ok i think that covers it for that. Now on to Pangkor.

Before i start, watch this video. Shit loads of fun.

So here we go. I don't have all the pictures yet because 3 more cameras have to be updated. So i'll just do day one.

Left home in the morning with two bottles of tiger beer and clothes. Got to school at 7am only to realise nobody's there yet and the threats that "the bus is gonna leave at 7.30 with or without you" are baseless. By 8.10 everybody was there except the hero Seng Hang who only turned up at 8.30. Finally KL was out of the horizon and we rumbled along. Stopped once at Ladang Bikam Rest Stop for a leak and couple of chips/snacks. Finally made it to Lumut at 12 or so then crossed over to the island.
After crossing over, we put on our sunglasses and headed out for lunch. Yes i look like a idiot.
After eating, we were unsure what to do. That's when somebody came up with a brilliant idea. "Rent geok che la". So off we went looking for a bicycle rental place and fortunately it was right next to us. No pictures yet of the bicycles. Sadly 3 people couldn't ride bicycles but they learnt quickly. After that we went to the beach where this happened.

yes as you may have guessed, we found a crab. A bloody crab that decided to bite my fingers and not let go. the red marks on my thumb are the bites. Word of Advice: DONT HOLD A CRAB BY ITS BODY. YOU WILL BE BITTEN AND IT DOES HURT! A LOT! After that we played beach soccer and beach volleyball. We saw 3 hot chicks and we repeatedly tried to kick/hit the ball towards them but they left before we managed to do it. What a waste lol. Later we played captain ball in the swimming pool. This is what happened.

After that showers came and we had dinner at the adjoining small chinese restaurant (where we had all our other meals as well haha no complaints about the food though.) AND THEN, wherever there is wing luo this happens.
After a lot of the above, ie gambling and PS2 we went to bed. i was slightly better off that others because i had the foresight to bring a blanket! yay.
And thats it for day 1. Day 2 will come tomorrow. that's it for now.