Merry Christmas

Hello. To say i ushered Christmas 2007 in a big way would be a lie. I was sitting in a cab at 12.00AM on 25/12/07. The taxi driver was really something. One of those people you meet and figure you'll never forget. Anyway what happened before and after i got on the cab was infinitely more interesting than what happened at that exact moment. The Day started with me taking a bus. My first encounter with public transport since my Nose Job. A few *toot* of the Touch N' Go reader later, i found myself at the huge white Christmas Tree in KL Pavilion. Met a friend and made some new acquaintances before proceeding to room 2124 in The Ritz-Carlton. (Thanks Mdm.Sylvia) Waited for a friend's boyfriend before heading out to Karaoke at RedBox+ in Pavilion. RM27, music, half-decent singing, terrible food (supposed to be buffet!) and 3 hours later we were ushered out by the Good Bye notice on the screen.What happens next is unsurprising considering that our party of 6 consisted of 2 guys and 4 girls. We went into every store that caught their eye, took a spin and walked out for 40 minutes or so. The girls went back to the room while me and Austin (hope i spelt your name right mate.) went looking for a pack of playing cards. Five 7-11's later we finally found one. I learnt how to play Chor Dai Ti after much tutoring (once again thanks mate.) and Bullshit. While waiting for Jo's cousin Emilia, we sat around and chatted planning what to do that night. Elaine wanted to go clubbing. So after much talking, changing and eating (Food Republic at Pavilion) we were out for what was supposed to be the highlight of the night. All 8 of us. We first went to Qba - Westin. Too quiet was the complaint. Then we got cabs and for RM 15 (absolutely wasted!) we went to Asian Heritage Row. First we walked up and down a few times deciding which one we wanted to try to enter. After much walking and in one case in the wrong direction (Good exercise huh Emilia) we attempted to enter Maisons. All of my very unprepared friends were well, unprepared. Lack of Fake ID being the complaint of the night. Me on the other hand had a beautiful IC bearing the numbers 860428-1405571. I was officially 21. :D After many phone calls to all our "contacts" inside and outside and everywhere in between Maisons proved beyond the reach of my officially 17 year old counterparts. Then we tried to enter Bar Club. Same result there. Patience was running thin and 2 of our company had already departed back. Finally as a last gasp shot we attempted to enter Sunshine. Much coaxing and cajoling ensued but entry proved once again beyond us. Feeling let down and disappointed (Sorry Girls.) we left back to the hotel. And then we come to the point where i started. Merry Christmas all round in a speeding cab. What happened next? Well i think you can imagine. 6 people. No Christmas. Less Alcohol and worst of all, On The Street. 7-11 came to our rescue and 3 bottles of Heineken, 2 Bottles of 5% alcohol Vodka ("more like orange juice with alcohol" quote) and we proceeded to the room where much drinking and Chor Dai Ti ensued. Lots of frank conversations (i was getting drunk. Slowly But Surely) and by 4am when i finally decided to sleep i was so stoned i couldn't make it out of the room and into the hall (where i slept incidentally) i collapsed once in the corridor and Christy helped me up (thanks!) and into my couch where i passed out with much ado. Soon i woke up because i didn't draw the curtains before sleeping so you can just imagine how i felt when i woke up! First thing i felt was a wave of nausea. Then a headache. Before a bout of vomiting could ensue i made coffee and took a shit. Feeling slightly more stabilised we went for breakfast. I still felt like shit and the nausea was just getting worse. McD's Big Breakfast (there were only 6 breakfasts on the room) with Austin and a walk just made it worse. Finally i left for home. A memorable 24 Hours indeed. Many goodbyes on the train. Probably will the last time i'll see all those people for 6 months at least and in one case, a year. Reached home and passed out on the bed after a shower and some antacid and panadols.

Now that's what happened. STONE NO. 23 for me. Total cost of outing. Rm103. (I keep meticulous accounts of my expenditure.) When i was thinking on the bus on the way home, in between the waves of nausea and throbbing headache, i had an epiphany of sorts. I realised that a man's most prized asset is not his mansion on the hilltop, it's not his flash car, it's not his bank account or his bling. It's people who love him. I mean, you can never buy friends anymore that you can buy family and that's what makes it priceless. I spent quite some money in that 24 hour period but the friends i had there transcended all that. They would have treated me exactly the same even if i had spent nothing. That's what's most important. I'm going to lose everybody i have known my entire life when i leave on the 15th of January. That made me shed a tear. Thanks everyone who has impacted my life in any way. I will never forget you. Goodbye.