A day.

As the title suggests, today was a day. Not a particularly eventful day. But an ordinary day. Painfully ordinary even. Chelsea won last night so that's good news. They played badly and won, now that's the hallmark of a championship team! West Ham as usual played negative football trying to escape the Bridge with a point but as usual it was to no avail. Chelsea dominated the second half and Drogba set up Joe Cole to score. Avram Grant later made important substitution to make sure Everton doesn't repeat itself. He brought on Makelele which shows us he actually learns lessons.

Back to today and away from football, don't want to scare off too many people, i did very little. Basically watched tv. Lots and Lots of tv. Also watched badminton. Very disappointing. Lin Dan beat Lee Chong Wei in 3 Sets. Chong Wei destroyed Lin Dan in the first set 21-9 but messed up in the second set and lost heart in the 3rd set after a bunch of bad line calls. Bloody Umpires are so pro-China. Well don't take anything away from Lin Dan, he simply outfought Chong Wei. So congratulations Lin Dan for winning the final Super Series event of the year and Chong Wei for finishing second for the nth time this year.

I'm disappointed in myself. I keep on running back to sports. It's as if i have nothing else to write about. Actually i don't but that's beside the point. So the other day i was watching CNN (yes that's not laughing matter!) and i saw this special show called the CNN-Youtube US Presidential Debate. It was good. I mean i was thinking about what each candidate was talking about. They invited people to ask questions and the candidates answered them stating their position and what their going to do. Some of the questions were about US infrastructure spending, The Wars, European relations, the economy, China and lots of other things that concern American voters and who they're going to vote for. It wa really really interesting because what they say, well they have to back it up when they get elected (if) and if they don't they'll get kicked out at the next election. I was left thinking, why can't we have this in Malaysia? Why can't the government answer my questions? Why can't the people who my parents elect in the future have to answer our questions before they get elected? Why can't they be transparent and have nothing to hide? Why can't they state their stand on the issues and the issues that matter to us? Think about it and comment. Good Night!