I just came back from KLCC Park where I was part of the revelry for Merdeka. It was alright but the disappointing thing is that there were no fireworks this year in KLCC. Only in Bukit Bintang.
Went for dinner we my dad in The Ship in Bukit Bintang. Ate the Salmon Set Meal with Potato Soup, Bread roll and Ice-Cream Cake. Overal 80/100 rating for the food. There was a massive Chinese Music concert under the monorail station but me and my dad decided to move on to KLCC Park to check out what was going on there and participate in the countdown. The rest well.. is boring. Here's some pictures of what went on...

The Ever Regal KLCCMy Daddy.
The Clock Starts

And It ends!

Well we have crossed into our 51st year of Independence from the British and are 16 days away from the 45th year of being Malaysia. In that time however have we truly become independent? Do we truly understand what it means to be free?

This SMS i received shortly after 12.00AM accurately states what I am trying to convey.

"Happy Merdeka. Hopefully our country will one day find reason to celebrate true freedom in every sense of the word in future. Good Night :)"

I too hope for that. Salute all those who have sacrificed for the country and the many more who will whether physically or emotionally to make this land into a land that supports all of us. A land that regards us as equals under one unified banner. A land that treats all of us like it's sons.

Good Night everyone. Pray that we become one nation.

Why I write, What I write.

As a human being, we all have an innate conciousness which is known as our conscience. Something that most of us are born with. Of course this conscience will evolve, grow and change as times change. However at the root of it all it exists as a single, emotive statement. Hurt No Others. The way this manifests is different in different situations. But in entirety it guides our actions.

There are people who lack a conscience of course. Serial Killers, Rapists, Triad Bosses and other criminals. Criminals not according to the rule of law. Criminals that contravene our essential humanity. Criminals according to the rule of law is well, nearly everybody. Broken a traffic regulation before? You're a criminal. Stole candy from a grocery store when you're 8? You're a criminal. You get my drift.

This Hurt No Others conscience evolves in people as they grow. As they read, understand and explore the knowledge of the previous generations. In short it changes into what many now call philanthrophy. I have a much simpler term for it. I call it Help Others.

So those two principles are what guides me and I guess everybody else. There is also one other leg that we stand on and that is Help Ourselves. Indeed that is my theory. Of course I have no psychiatric training and I don't expect others to accept my theory as the gospel but hear me out at least.

This is what I like to call the three legged stool. And we sit on this stool.
- Hurt No Others
- Help Others
- Help Ourselves.

In many cases when any of the other two stools comes into conflict with the third stool, Help Ourselves prevails. However there are people who let the other two stools prevail. People like Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and other luminaries who have charted the path of their society by their simple, selfless acts. Many of these people also paid for it with their lives which is of course confirms that they place Help Ourselves in the last priority.

With that as the background, I think more people can understand what I write. I do not consider myself in the league of these greats. However, I do what I can do right (and write) the wrongs that happen around me. Wrongs that break no law but break the human code. The code that one should not Hurt Others. That one should Help Others to the best of their ability.

I have full faith in the things I write because I am convinced that me writing them enlightens some people about things that they otherwise wouldn't know. In this nation though, my freedom of speech is worth nothing. After all we are the only "demo-crazy" in the world who puts caveats on the freedom of speech. (And no, I do not consider Singapore a democracy. It is a dictatorship. Benevolent or otherwise, a dictatorship it nevertheless is.)

Quote Article 10, Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

(1) Subject to Clauses (2), (3) and (4) -

(a) every citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression;

(b) all citizens have the right to assemble peaceably and without arms;

(c) all citizens have the right to form associations.

(2) Parliament may by law impose -

(a) on the rights conferred by paragraph (a) of Clause (1),such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, friendly relations with other countries, public order or morality and restrictions designed to protect the privileges of Parliament or of any Legislative Assembly or to provide against contempt of court, defamation, or incitement to any offence;

(b) on the right conferred by paragraph (b) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, or public order;

(c) on the right conferred by paragraph (c) of Clause (1), such restrictions as it deems necessary or expedient in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof, public order or morality.

(3) Restrictions on the right to form associations conferred by paragraph (c) of Clause (1) may also be imposed by any law relating to labour or education.

(4) In imposing restrictions in the interest of the security of the Federation or any part thereof or public order under Clause (2) (a), Parliament may pass law prohibiting the questioning of any matter, right, status, position, privilege, sovereignty or prerogative established or protected by the provisions of Part III, article 152, 153 or 181 otherwise than in relation to the implementation thereof as may be specified in such law.

Well we can contrast this with the Constitution of the United States Of America.
Quote USA Constituition.

Article the third ...... Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

What else is there left to say? We have a flawed Federal Constitution. I pray that those flaws will be corrected and some day we shall truly be free.

For freedom, we live. For freedom, we die.

Back to College.

After a week of whiling my time away, doing absolutely nothing and simply wasting time (Not to mention failing my driver's license test AGAIN) I am 30 hours from going back to Shah Alam. I dread it because my hostel it going to absolutely filthy knowing my dirty roommates and everything is going to be caked in a inch of dust which I need to clean or else it's back to getting a cold again. Shitty business. Oh ya and Olympics is coming to an end. China has won the gold medal tally but USA won the highest number of medals. Onwards to London in 2012 now eh!

To all the people who are leaving to the UK or US in the next few weeks, my prayers are with you and have a great time wherever you go. Stay safe!

Oh ya and I despise manual cars. I hate manual cars. I hate manual cars so much it would take a miracle for me to like manual cars. Argh, I have a lot of pent up frustration against manual cars. fuck.


Why, Mr.Lee

He lost. 21-12 21-8. Went down as tamely as a bird shot with a sniper rifle. Our dreams have ended.

Congratulations Mr.Lee on ensuring that we don't go back empty handed but still, a more competitive match was expected of you.

PS. Datuk Lee anyone?

EDIT : Got the scores wrong.

Mr.Lee, Good Luck.

Tonight, at 8.48 PM, history will be made. For the first time in twelve years, a Malaysian has a chance of winning an Olympic Gold Medal. I hope to see this image later tonight. Our nations' first Olympic Gold Medal. Pray with me folks. :)


The 29th Olympiad is on now. The much-awaited opening ceremony went on last night and I plonked myself on the couch by 8.00pm awaiting the very expensive opening ceremony. Some reports say that nearly 70,000,000 US$ was spent just on the opening ceremony alone. Another record amidst this truly record breaking games. Largest participation. Most number of countries. Most money spent (RM 43 Billion!). Most head's of state in attendance. And a host of other mosts. The opening ceremony was really magical to say the least. Here's a short clip of what you may have missed!

Mind blowing stuff really. China put on a real show for the world and I would imagine the ceremony would have made the chinese people very proud indeed. Aside from the estimated 4 billion people who watched the opening ceremony, it is really a amazing publicity grabber for the chinese people as a whole. As an asian of course I too am proud that a fellow asian nation has managed to pull what can only be considered the most stunning opening ceremony ever in the history of the Modern Olympics. Congratulations China.

Now of course it's time for us to return to what the Olympics is really about. Sport. The medal tally now is still in it's opening stages but here's what it looks like right now


Okay folks. That's all i have to say this time around. Have fun watching possible the biggest olympics of our lifetime! :) Bye