I just came back from KLCC Park where I was part of the revelry for Merdeka. It was alright but the disappointing thing is that there were no fireworks this year in KLCC. Only in Bukit Bintang.
Went for dinner we my dad in The Ship in Bukit Bintang. Ate the Salmon Set Meal with Potato Soup, Bread roll and Ice-Cream Cake. Overal 80/100 rating for the food. There was a massive Chinese Music concert under the monorail station but me and my dad decided to move on to KLCC Park to check out what was going on there and participate in the countdown. The rest well.. is boring. Here's some pictures of what went on...

The Ever Regal KLCCMy Daddy.
The Clock Starts

And It ends!

Well we have crossed into our 51st year of Independence from the British and are 16 days away from the 45th year of being Malaysia. In that time however have we truly become independent? Do we truly understand what it means to be free?

This SMS i received shortly after 12.00AM accurately states what I am trying to convey.

"Happy Merdeka. Hopefully our country will one day find reason to celebrate true freedom in every sense of the word in future. Good Night :)"

I too hope for that. Salute all those who have sacrificed for the country and the many more who will whether physically or emotionally to make this land into a land that supports all of us. A land that regards us as equals under one unified banner. A land that treats all of us like it's sons.

Good Night everyone. Pray that we become one nation.