Wake Me Up When September Ends.

From May 2008, DSAI has been continuously repeating to everyone that wants to hear that he has 30MP's sitting in his pocket ready to defect to PR at a moments notice. I, as a classically pessimistic Malaysian (After so much lies by politicians do any of us trust ANY of them anymore?), immediately relegated that "plan" to the rubbish bin. I mean who would possibly imagine that BN MP's, after 51 years of being whipped into line and unquestioningly obeying their masters commands, would suddenly find a voice and actually speak for their constituents and not toe the party line! An unfathomable option until SAPP. Yong Teck Lee. He is an enigma and a figure who commands both hatred and respect in equal proportions. After all it was his who sold the Sabah Government to Barisan back in the day. Now that he has spoken up and his MP's have decided to revolt, suddenly Anwar's threats carry the weight of action.

September 16. The day of reckoning indeed. Above all else I personally feel that it will happen. It is impossible that where there is smoke, there is no fire. The smoke of course is undeniable. The smoke is not even generated by PR! It's generated by BN themselves. After all, the BN Backbenchers Club has called all BN MP's for a "compulsory" overseas trip, coincidentally on the 7th to the 19th of September. What happens on the 16th? We don't know now. Whatever happens, there is nothing constant in humanity but change. Resisting change brings stagnation. Stagnation brings contempt. Contempt brings destruction.

I am waiting for September 16. Or September 19. Or any other day that true winds of change blow through this beloved nation of ours. This nation that has made us who we are today.