The 29th Olympiad is on now. The much-awaited opening ceremony went on last night and I plonked myself on the couch by 8.00pm awaiting the very expensive opening ceremony. Some reports say that nearly 70,000,000 US$ was spent just on the opening ceremony alone. Another record amidst this truly record breaking games. Largest participation. Most number of countries. Most money spent (RM 43 Billion!). Most head's of state in attendance. And a host of other mosts. The opening ceremony was really magical to say the least. Here's a short clip of what you may have missed!

Mind blowing stuff really. China put on a real show for the world and I would imagine the ceremony would have made the chinese people very proud indeed. Aside from the estimated 4 billion people who watched the opening ceremony, it is really a amazing publicity grabber for the chinese people as a whole. As an asian of course I too am proud that a fellow asian nation has managed to pull what can only be considered the most stunning opening ceremony ever in the history of the Modern Olympics. Congratulations China.

Now of course it's time for us to return to what the Olympics is really about. Sport. The medal tally now is still in it's opening stages but here's what it looks like right now


Okay folks. That's all i have to say this time around. Have fun watching possible the biggest olympics of our lifetime! :) Bye