Back to College.

After a week of whiling my time away, doing absolutely nothing and simply wasting time (Not to mention failing my driver's license test AGAIN) I am 30 hours from going back to Shah Alam. I dread it because my hostel it going to absolutely filthy knowing my dirty roommates and everything is going to be caked in a inch of dust which I need to clean or else it's back to getting a cold again. Shitty business. Oh ya and Olympics is coming to an end. China has won the gold medal tally but USA won the highest number of medals. Onwards to London in 2012 now eh!

To all the people who are leaving to the UK or US in the next few weeks, my prayers are with you and have a great time wherever you go. Stay safe!

Oh ya and I despise manual cars. I hate manual cars. I hate manual cars so much it would take a miracle for me to like manual cars. Argh, I have a lot of pent up frustration against manual cars. fuck.