Raleighing and KYUEM

Hi. Anyone heard of Raleigh International? Well if you haven't check this out RALEIGH. Raleigh is basically an organisation that allows youth to go and help out people around the world. Previously, Raleigh has sent Malaysians to Chile, Bolivia and many other exciting countries to do community service. They have also sent overseas raleighers to Sarawak to a Penan village to help them create a solar powered electricity generator. So I saw a piece about Raleigh's Introduction Weekend in the Sun today and i thought, hmm i'm not really doing anything, why don't i sign up? A phone call later and some time spent in front of the computer, i have the form and i'm filling it up now. It's no ordinary form though, i need to get someone to write a reference letter about me. I also have to write an essay about myself, my experiences, my travels, my previous activties and lots of other stuff. So here I am, writing away... Well pray that i get through lol. I really want to go lol. Ok i think that's all. By the way, tomorrow i'm going to KYUEM College in Bukit Nowhere-Beruntung which is well, in the middle of nowhere! Apparently they are the best private college in the country. 87% of their students get 3 or 4A's for A-levels! If that isn't amazing enough, here's a bit for you to chew on. Their A-levels program costs 45K RM!!! I rest my case. Good night!