Bukit Jalil Park

This morning i woke up at 10am. Yes i am that lazy. But as justification i did sleep at 1.30am last night because i was watching Liverpool Torre-rize Pompey 4-1. It really was One man against Eleven for Liverpool. If El-Nino didn't play they would probably have drawn or even lost. However The Kid did play and Pompey were humiliated. Tonights' lineup is Chelsea vs Blackburn and Man U vs Everton. Anyways, Christmas is coming! Yay. I am delighted :D I may be going to watch National Treasure 2 tomorrow, probably could watch Warlords as well.

Tonight Predictions : Man U 2 Everton 1
Chelsea 1 Blackburn 0

Btw. Confirm your attendance for my party by tomorrow night please please pleaseee...