Ok. It's nearly confirmed that i'm going to KYUEM. It's a private, residential, boarding Sixth Form College. That means i'm going to spend the next 1.5 years away from the world. The college is really in the middle of nowhere. It's next Lembah Beringin Golf Course about 75KM from KL City. Technically speaking it's an hours drive, which doesn't sound so far on paper but hell it's a long way off from my world. But despite that, i'm looking forward to going there. I can come back home every other weekend, I have 2.5 months off in the middle of the year for summer and i have all government and UK holidays. So it's not so bad. The facilities there are absolutely amazing though. Indoor and Outdoor basketball courts, Olympic Swimming Pool, Gym, Full FIFA Football Field (which has grass everywhere, even under the goal post!) and tonnes of other stuff. I will stay there the hostel-chalets. The chalets are super-cool because each one has Wi-Fi and 4 rooms so every person has a room to themselves and there's a common room as well. It doesn't come cheap though, 45K RM for the entire thing. I spent nearly the whole day there today and thanks Azman for showing us around btw. Well i think that's all.. leave your comments about the place guys. Ta-ta