KYUEM stuff.

It really has been a long time. Nearly a full week since i last updated my blog. A lot of things has happened in that time. I felt attracted to certain individuals. I grew to hate certain other people and I am confused about my relationship with an individual i initially thought there may be a future in. A great deal of confusing personal stuff is going on right now with me. However, classes has been going decently well. New teacher for Pure Mathematics. She sucks. Really, really bad. I mean school teachers were bad enough but this idiot brings another level to idiocy.

Otherwise, I got my tutor and was assigned my house this week. I'm in Diamond. Diamond is good, lots of smart people are my seniors. My tutor is a lepak guy though. He doesn't really care about the time we spend. He's a Physics lecturer so if you have any problems in that he'll probably help you but otherwise, just talk to your friends.

This week we had the first of the Inter-House competitions. Bangsawan. It's basically a competition between the four houses, Diamond, Sapphire, Topaz and Garnet with each house putting up a Malay Classical Drama. Sultan's, Pembesar's and Hulubalang's. The stories are all different but the characters are relatively same. Lots of very very elaborate and complex props were involved. I was involved in props (construction, placing and movement) and i also was an actor. Pembesar X in scenes 2,3 and 4. I had no lines but i had to look wise and show sad, happy and thoughtful expressions as and when needed. In the end Topaz won but Diamond won Best Male Actor and Best Female Actor and Best Production. Topaz won Best Overall, Best Director, Best Script and a few others. Very fun overall. I have lots of pictures of my pretty, made up, lipsticked face but it will only be up tomorrow or a bit later perhaps. It's not on my friend's laptop yet. Ok i think that's it.

PS. I'm coming home on Tuesday 5/2/2008. CNY break till 10/2/2008. Give me a call and we can hang out KL-style :D. Bye