Funny Stories.

My dad thinks i have grown up. He feels that now that I am 18 (or soon to be at least) he can talk to me like he talks to his friends. My dad has had many interesting experiences in his 51 years and many of them are absolutely hilarious. This morning was when he related one of the more "dirty" ones i could feel that he's trying to open up to me. Little did I realise exactly HOW dirty this story was to be. It's a true story by the way.

Setting : Night near Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman outside Coliseum cinema mid 1977

My dad was sitting in the backseat of my uncle's car. My uncle is not a person who visits prostitutes much less transvestite ones but he does enjoy making fun of them so he sees a TV hooker and pulls his car up by the kerb and winds down the window. The TV comes up to the window and says RM 30. My uncle tries to haggle with him/her for the fun of it and says RM 10. He/She refuses and insists on RM 30. My uncle continues to haggle and the TV finally brings her price down to RM 25. My uncle then chooses this moment to make the statement of the year. "Wah Your Ass made out of gold ah!?" The TV then punches my uncle straight in the teeth and my uncle is not willing to let go. He grabs the TV's fingers and hits the accelerator and a whole gang of TV's appear out of nowhere and starts giving chase. My dad watches the entire show from the backseat and they make it out safely. Moral of the story : Don't insult a TV's ass.

Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0 FA Cup 5th Round.