Thursday 17.01.08

Left home early. By 10am i was already here. Registration took 2 hours or so. I was doing people watching. Saw one girl who was dressed to kill. (she still is. She owns NO civilian clothes!) Also spotted a couple of people who my intuition told me would be very good friends... And they did turn out to be as well. After registration we headed off to our rooms and unpacked. I carried this giant Samsonite suitcase that could fit my entire body if rolled up! I met my 3 roomates. Haiqal a.k.a Bob. Adrian a.ka. tepong and iskandar a.ka. pre-med. Very nice people and very helpful people as well. Adrian mostly at first because he had a laptop which i used for my Ipod. :D Then we went for our first dining hall food. It sucked. Badly. REALLY REALLY TERRIBLE. I soon met another person who i think will be good friends. I don't have any pictures yet so it is really difficult to imagine. We had our many ice breaking games and meet the seniors sessions. In between that we had University Course guide and subject choice guide as well. Uber-boring. At least i had friends to chat with :D

At night we played games with the seniors. Basically making circles. Lots and lots of circles. That was quite lame but in a way fun also. The next two days were pretty much repeats of the first day. Since Monday however things have been rather different. The wi-fi finally started working over the past few days so that is a major plus point. (thus the very delayed post!) Dota was also installed on every laptop and computer we could get our hands on. Even as i blog now i can hear the Dota sound-effects in the background. This place has become a giant CC haha. We leave in the middle of the night to the other guys chalets on the other side of the college to play Dota and watch American Pie. That's sort of my routine.

Classes started yesterday. I'm taking Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. I have a Guai Lo from UK called Dr. Norman Foord for Physics, an Indian lady named Ms. Shree for Chemistry and a lembap looking Malay man for Maths. I'm really excited about Physics because the teacher is superb. He makes his students think and not remember. That's the sort of teacher i came here for. The indian lady is like an average school teacher except she's a million times smarter but her teaching methods are very Malaysian.

The seniors are very nice. They are really helpful. I mean seriously. Also they are pretty good at basketball which makes life very easy for me because i thought that coming here would mean i will no challenges to play basketball but they are pretty alright so i have a reason to go and play :D.

Ok it's nearly 5.30 and i wanna go play basketball. Kick some senior ass. Bye!