San Antonio Spurs gave me something to cry about in the morning. I woke up to see this unsavoury scoreline. DEN 80 SA 77. To wash the bad taste out of my mouth i made a couple of calls and headed off to Midvalley for this.
Hmm. Aliens vs Predator 2 Requiem. What could possibly go wrong? It's a gore fest from the start that's for sure. Not much of a storyline though. Basically Predator's screw up in Alien transportation, Aliens and Predator crash on earth and Predator calls for backup. The rest they say is history. The feeble attempts of the director to make us feel for the human characters just backfire in a big way. I just end up wanting them to die quickly. There is a hot babe though but she's a real blonde bimbo. All in all it's a gore-fest full of blood in many colours and forms. Acid-clear Alien blood, fluorescent green Predator blood and good old fashioned Red human blood.

The Verdict : C+

10 days to College.