12 Hours.

You know the show 24. It was on AXN for sometime. Kiefer Sutherland acted in it? Yeah. My life's like that now. After all the false starts and possible dates of departure, I finally have 12 hours left. Exactly 12 hours. As of 8.30 AM tomorrow i will be in the car heading to Never-Nowhere land. I have already packed everything in this gigantic Samsonite suitcase. When i say gigantic i mean it! If i fold my body up i fit straight in the suitcase! That's big. Everything is in and i'm out. Every hour is ticking by while i hope to conjure another out of nowhere (however i will be sleeping for 8 hours tonight so that cuts my remaining time rather considerably). That's it from No.6, Jalan Desa Permai. The next one will be from Kolej Yayasan UEM, Tanjung Malim.

Bye kawans and everybody who has ever impacted my life in any way. I am eternally thankful for everything all of you had, has and are doing to change my life everyday. Bye!