My time is running out. I have exactly5 days left before i'm gone. Yesterday morning i went to see my ENT surgeon to check how my nose is functioning one last time before i head off to college. Now i have had many metal apparatus stuffed in my nose but yesterday was the most painful one yet. I've had my fair share of pain but that... is beyond worse. He took out the sutures holding the septum together. Yes it is as painful as it sounds. I headed to iplay after that for some quality DoTA sessions. In a couple of hours though, i have to visit my dentist who will probably tighten my braces up and cause me another couple of days worth of pain. Pain, pain, pain all around. Well at least Chelsea won so that takes the edge of it a little.

My mother has this weird complex with me. She has me work for her sometimes. Drafting, legal work that she's darn lazy to do. She thinks i'm a bloody lawyer for god sake and i tend to lead her on by actually giving her workable solutions. Like last night at dinner. She comes to me and says. Maxis gave me a call. *******. (due to client confidentiality i cannot reveal our discussion) Then she goes on to give me the meeting notes and tells me, I need to get this done so can you sit down and draft a quick reply to this (all in legal-speak of course). And i actually do it and send it off to her email. And i don't get paid for it. :( Well it won't go on for much longer. I'm off soon and she has to find somebody else to do her dirty work.

Good Morning Malaysia.