New Year.

Good morning. Happy New Year. I had a barbecue-thing. The entire clan descended upon No.6, Jalan Desa Permai from 8pm last night and with any large congregation of indian men, a few good friends came along...

Yes. Those friends. My mother however got something special for this New Year as it also was my family farewell. Moet! Me loveeee... :D We also did a barbecue. My brilliant father bought long burning charcoal. What he didn't realise is that long burning means hard-to-start. After much effort by yours truly and my cousin we finally succeeded in starting the fire after 2 hours!! Sausages and chicken quickly roasted up and was accompanied by some wines. I think it was a 2004 Pinot Sauvignon from Chancery Farm NZ. Soon we all were a good ways to stone and i brought out a pack of cards and we started chor ti'ing till 11.55pm when Taman Desa came to good use. I always hated the hilliness of my area but yesterday i was absolutely thankful. Cousins and mua raced up to a high point and watched 360 fireworks from KLCC, Midvalley, One U and PJ State. Uber-fun. Came back down and my drunk uncles were in action with my dad. They were all watching an indian movie(duh!) and when the songs started (as they inevitably do) the eldest uncle started dancing. Yes, the sight of a balding 60 year old man with a gigantic beer belly dancing is not the sight you want to start the new year with. Quickly the other uncles joined in and dragged all the aunties in as well. My mum wisely abstained from this drunken revelry. Then came the goodbyes. Everybody was like "Good luck in your college." and "You'll do well for sure" and all the other "motivational" stuff. Although by this point everybody was speaking in slurs. My uncle decided to add some late night drama into this event. It was about 3am and they were leaving. He (being totally stoned) went and sat in the drivers seat and wanted to drive his family home. My auntie would have none of it and told him to get out so he promptly did. He went over to the other side of the car and showed an angry face to my auntie who by this time was revving the engine and was ready to go. He then decided (i think) that he didn't want to get in the car and started walking off in a random direction. He doesn't live in Taman Desa. My dad who was watching all this from a distance panicked and so did my cousin. They quickly ran after my uncle who had already covered a considerable distance by then. (very surprising for a man who has battled arthritis for the last 20-odd year) Finally they caught him and escorted him back to the car. Needless to say a good part of the neighbourhood was aware of my uncle's drunken exploits. Well that was the end of the night and I took a shower, sent a couple of messages and knocked off. Woke up this morning to greet 2008 with the taste of whiskey in my mouth!

2 many people will leave my life.
0 people i know in Middle-Of-Nowhere College.
0 times i have missed my parents in my life
8 bread this morning. First meal of the year.

I'll miss you 2007. I loved it. It showed me so many new people. People who i have grown to love and i hope, love me too. It showed me all the things that live can be and will be as i move on. It gave me choices and i made decisions. It was by far. The Best Year of my life thus far.