There is 3 days left. Only 3. Just now i went swimming and to shoot some hoops with the gang. A lot of hardcore action in the pool. Everybody got baptised a couple of times and then some. Lots of good, clean fun. Soon we adjourned to Jalal Yussof. The site of so many meetings and partings and so it was to be for me as well. I said goodbye to the crew and headed home after eating my Meehoon goreng and 100+ for the last time. I'm not gonna put on a brave face and say it didn't affect me. Those were people i grew up with. Those are people i know through and through. Those are people i trust. I'm leaving all of them behind to "start afresh". Well i'll just pray the Lord has mercy and i have good friends there as well. Goodbye my trusted friends. We will meet again.. someday.