This morning i was rudely woken by my mother at 8.30am. I had only gone to bed the previous night at 3.30pm after watching Aston Villa beat Tottenham 2-1. 5 hours of sleep = cranky. Anyway the reason for this awakening was that my brilliant college required a full medical test including blood tests, urine tests, poo tests, x-rays and DRUG TESTS! It seems the college needs to know whether i'm a damn junkie before they let me in! As if a junkie can score grades like mine!! Anyway bureaucracy is the name of the game so off i went to Pantai Cheras to get my tests done. Waiting, bleeding, undressing, answering, redressing, posing, peeing and pooing all took around 2 hours. Rather quick. Now if i had to get that done in a government hospital (of which the extramarital Chua Soi Lek is the ex-minister in charge but more on that later) it would have taken nothing short of 5-8 hours. A whole day gone. But thanks to the diligent efforts of my insurance agency and the MO's at Pantai everything was settled in 2 hours.

Now onto the brilliant Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek. Former Health Minister of Malaysia, Former MCA vice-president, former Johor MCA chief and Former Labis MP. Notice the word former ahead of all his Former titles. Yes, he resigned today from everything and MCA accepted his resignation. Now why on earth would he resign? After all he was an unstoppable political force, rising through the rank and file of MCA to become a possible future MCA president. Two words. Some Woman. A personal friend of the good ex-minister. Also his mistress it may seem from the videos circulating in the Batu Pahat area in recent times. Now this brilliant ex-minister who had brought some positive changes to the Health ministry in recent times despite UMNO's continued interference in his attempts to reform the healthcare of this country is now publicly crucified. Why? It would seem that someone set him up. After all no sane man would record his illicit sex and then release to the general public knowing full well what was going to happen. Thus i feel it wrong that he resigned. He was not corrupt (as far as we know), he was not mismanaging public funds (once again as far as we know) and most importantly he was not incompetent. He made one crucial error. Sleeping with the aforementioned madam in full view of a CCTV camera. How did that affect the running of this country? How did that affect our day-to-day lives? How did that affect the ministry he runs? How did that affect his capability to run that ministry? Most importantly however, is How On Earth does whatever he does on his personal time CONCERN US? How are we entitled to take the moral high ground and crucify a man who has done us no wrong (as far as we know)? That is all that is wrong with us Malaysians today. We are so quick to fire the silver bullet and kill the werewolf but forgetting that a man lives beneath. Yet we cannot see that all the other corrupt, incompetent and foolish bastards in the cabinet are worse. Far worse. Semi-value and his thuggery is worse. Tengku Adnan and his manipulation of the judiciary is worse. Zam-zam alakazam and his lies are worse. Keris-muddin and his racist rhetoric is worse. Yet us short-sighted Malaysians are quick to crucify Dr. Chua. I do not condone his actions. His family is now wrecked forever. But i also feel that the reaction to this has been nothing short of ludicrous. I cannot say that i did not think RESIGN NOW! was the first thought in my mind when i first read of his escapades but after much contemplation i think that what a man does with his private affairs should remain exactly that. PRIVATE!.

Now it is too late. There is a silver lining in the cloud. The whole nation can view BN's abuse of the election commission and abuse of public funds in Labis during the upcoming by-election for the MP's post there. With that in mind we can all go to the GE and make the right decision. Hopefully DAP will place a strong candidate in Labis. Thank you.