Over the past few days, Tibet has been put in the spotlight. Here's an article in the Toronto Star i think some of us should read if you don't have any background knowledge of this. The fact remains that after 50 years of crushing Tibet and diluting Tibetan culture, the so-called New China remains determined in eradicating whatever is left of Tibet, starting with their people. China's puppet Governor in Tibet said that there has only been a handful of people killed in the fatal riots which have been going on for the past week and claims that these casualties were caused by demonstrators themselves, however with the limited media access that is possible, the Tibetan government in exile has determined that nearly 100 people have been killed and most of them by Chinese troops ordered to bring "peace" back to Lhasa at any cost.

The international community is brainwashed by China's money and purchasing power that the lives of innocent Tibetans and their struggle for freedom is ignored in the pursuit of money. Is money that important that human life and the principles of democracy that the people of Tibet hunger for is to be disregarded. The first thing US and EU should do is threaten to pull out of the Beijing Olympics, however they are acting like China's lapdogs and said that there is no chance that they will pull out of the Olympics. How callous can they be? The same people who are very quick to criticise the lack of democracy in the middle-east and asia are not willing to make any concrete actions to back up their claim of protecting democracy. It is not only the EU and US though, Asian countries are just too afraid that China may pull the plug on their gravy train. China has continued to abuse it's economic muscle to beat any opposition to it's disregard for International Law and human rights. We must take a stand.

Please if you have any decency left in you. Tell people who don't know about this and be aware of what China is doing in killing another attempt to restore freedom to the people of Tibet.

For more background reading on this and to educate yourself go to This Site.