Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away...
Now it looks like it's here to stay
Oh I believe, In Yesterday...

Yes. Yesterday i was a happier man. Yesterday i was satisfied. Yesterday i felt free and unburdened. Yesterday I collected my SPM results. And Today i am unhappy. These are my SPM results as follows;

English A1
English (GCE O-Levels) A1
Bahasa Malaysia A1
Mathematics A1
Additional Mathematics A1
English for Science and Technology A1
Chemistry A1
Physics A2
Literature in English A2
History A2
Moral C5

That is a total of 6A1's 3A2's and 1C5 or 9A's and 1C. It is of course way better than my initial targeted results in which i predicted i would get 7A1's 1B3 1C6 and 1G9. However i did not get A1's for physics and lit. in which i expected sure A1's. I don't know whether i should be disappointed or pleased. My parents sure seem lackadaisical towards it. Maybe because i am pretty unconcerned as to my results. Well there seems to be nothing left to say. Goodbye.