Last night was a blast. I got drunk for the 25th time in the last 12 months last night but the alcohol wasn't the star of the show. I got drunk in my cousin's house with all his school mates who are great sports. I really love him school mates, they're great fun. Basically the friends who came last night are

So that's some of the friends who turned up. Chivas Regal, Absolut Vodka Peach, Skol Beer and Tequila (i can't remember the brand). Supposed to be a barbecue session involved in between the drinking but my cousin and his friends' lack of cooking skills made all the chicken become raw and uncooked therefore nobody touched it. They even managed to undercook sausages if that's even possible. Anyways, it was all good fun. A few games of Chor Dai Ti and Poker were also involved. However something really really funny happened. It was something i did but i couldn't remember it until the next morning when i discovered what i did. I called someone when i was drunk. Here's what transpired.....

V : Hello
X : Hi
V : *shouting* I am drunk now. So i'm calling you to because you said you wanted to know how people sound when their drunk
X : Oh, Haha.. *giggle, giggle*
V : I had 6 shots of vodka and 4 glasses of whiskey, so i'm totally drunk. However my brain is still working!! I can still walk in a straight line (and it seems i actually did walk in a straight line while on the phone as i discovered from other people there)
X : Hahahahaha...
V : I still can think very clearly!! You know, i remember A-level Physics, Projectile Motion!! The vertical component of the velocity is u sin θ and the horizontal component is u cos θ.
X : Omg etc. (not too clear what her response was)
X : You wanna know something??
V : Whattttt??
X : I am single now.
V : Oh, I'm so sorry for you... But you know something. Because i'm drunk i can tell this to you!!
X : What?
X : Hahahahahahahahahah
V : *suddenly serious voice* But really. I love you.
X : Omg wtf roflmao.

And that's how i embarassed myself when i got drunk No.25! I have since apologised to that person (she's the one who told me whatever i said anyway). I came home this morning with a stomach ache that has lasted till now. It hurtsss... Good Night!!