Obama Wins.

45 Years has passed since Martin Luther King Jr. made his I have a dream speech. 145 years have passed since the end of the Civil War between the North and the South over slavery. 221 years have passed since the Bill of Rights was passed. Today, a black man is the President of the USA. Today, the world has changed forever in every way that we can possibly see. Today, the white man's burden has been lifted. Let this be a lesson to Barisan Nasional. Let this be a lesson to all the racists in all the world. Let this show you that even a nation which was built on slavery of the black men can elect a black man to be it's most powerful individual. Let this show you that nothing is impossible.

America has redeemed itself in the eyes of the world. It has shown that the American Revolution has not ended and it will go on forever until the ideals of Jefferson are acheived. The first 26 Presidents of the USA could have owned the 44th President as a piece of property. Today the 44th President of the USA, President Barack Hussein Obama has put paid to the world's faith in him.

Where do we go as a nation from here? Do we follow in the footsteps of the now redeemed USA or do we stay true to our racist, discriminatory, hate-filled roots? Consider this question, what is the difference between you and me except my skin colour? Is the content of my character less than yours or any others because I am not of similar colour to you? Are my abilities any less because I do not practice the same religion as you? Am I less of a man because I am not your race or religion? This applies to you and to everyone else in this nation. Make the choice that is right. Not the choice that is made for you.