Of death and revenge.

It's been a long since I last posted anything in this space and I apologise. College consumes a lot of time unfortunately :( Here's a poem I wrote recently. Don't understand anything? Dictionary.com XD

Of Death and Revenge.

As the monsoon sweeps across the plains of the west,
A torrent of ugly, stupid and illegal descends.
Upon the soils of argentum and pewter.

Liberté, Equalité, Fraternité
Robespierre coffin shifts.
Should the guillotine not ring afresh?

The puddle clears.
The assizes flame sears.
Malevolence left in tears.

Though despair peals.
Though the directorate is in cahoots.
Though the empire spreads its blackest tentacles.

Punishment awaits.
Insolence dragged to the gates.
The estates anticipate their fates.

The catafalque of egalitaria will settlest.
In the crypt of Ipoh.

The impending doom shant avertest.
Quarternate, all that remain.
Hope never dies.