Everyday people meet new people. I've met new people everyday since embarking on this new phase of my life and on some days you meet more new people than others. People really do add spice to your life though. I mean, they are your environment and everyday your environment shapes you and the person you are. So it really is safe to say that the people you meet are you (in a weird and twisted way.)

Some days ago I was informed by Petronas that I should attend a camp-cum-interview if I wish to be selected for their scholarship. And so i packed my bags and left to see whether i could be one of the few non-malays who can boast of being selected to enjoy the government and it's cronies' magnamity. As i arrived this looked of apprehension must have been firmly fixed in my place because everybody i talked to boasted of quite a few more A's then me. I mean 9A's and 1C is hardly stellar results. It's probably a screw up by Malaysians demanding academic standards. One of the first people i met there was this tiny girl from Seremban. When i say tiny, i mean TINY! She was all of 4' 10" tall and her stature wasn't all that imposing to say the least. However, she was a very nice person and quite approachable really. She though is not the focus of this post.

How many times in your life have you met somebody exactly like you? Somebody you can communicate with on what may seem like a god-damned cellular level. Somebody who has had the exact same experiences as you, good or bad. Somebody who has similar dreams to you. Somebody who can make you laugh, cry and just want to take a dump all at the same time. I say once. You meet people like this once, maybe twice and for the really lucky three times in a lifetime. I met one person like that. She was there in University Technology Petronas. She was there when i had no other friends. (Sorry AA from VI) She was the second person i met there and hell if she didn't change me. I only thought that people like me existed somewhere on another planet. I simply had never met a person who struck such a concordant chord in me before. In the world of opposites, she's physically opposite her room mate though. Her room mate is the first person i met and through her i met this person and i will forever be grateful to her for enlightening me about the presence of such a person in this world.

People tend to be discouraged by adversities. Some people just aren't brave enough. Some people don't know what it means to be brave and some people, well they don't know what to do even if they're brave. If you have a dream, by all means, follow it. Follow it to the ends of the earth, no matter rain nor shine, no matter what difficulties and adversities may lie in your path. I have a friend. A brilliant friend. A friend, who i can honestly say is smarter than me. A friend who i just met but a very close friend indeed. That friend wants to forget about her dream. That friend was to take the easy way out and do something that resembles her dream but isn't really it. Tell me, whatever am i going to do with this friend.

Please people get facebook. I'm far too lazy to post photos on my blog. I prefer to well, write like real bloggers. You want photos get facebook. It's all there anyway! Bye. Meet some new people will you?