Have you ever been shot in the foot by your own gun?
Have you ever been stabbed in the back by your own knife?
Have you ever been betrayed by the one person you trusted above all else?

Well I have.
I live to tell the tale.
The tale of a foolish lad,
One who thought love is all that is true.
Love is all that is pure,
Love is all that is needed.

One who thought no mountain,
No sea,
No crevice,
Could drown his love.

One who fell in love too soon and paid a heavy price.
One who was shot down like an eagle in a hunter's sight
One who saw pictures.
Pictures that heralded the end

One who's best friends turned from human to glass.
From speech to liquid
From men to whiskey.
For the suffering he endured,
Was one that many had suffered before.
It hardly made it less painful.

This is a reminder.
To all and sundry.
The laws of karma hold strong
As far as this universe remains,
What goes around. Comes around.
Cheat and be Cheated on,
Lie and be Lied to,
Kill and be Murdered,

The Circle of Madness holds.

PS. I did what was right. I cut the rope.