Well finally the phone call i've been dreading/awaiting with anticipation (I still can't make up my mind which one it is) came. I'm going to INTEC. Petronas wants me to do SAM/AUSMAT/Something infinitely easier than A-Levels. I have little love lost for KYUEM as a place but it rips my heart out to lose brilliant teachers like Dr.Foord, Ms.Shree, Mrs.Beadsworth etc. I also feel no joy in losing all the new friends I made here, genuine people who I really love. So this is mainly a shoutout to all KYUEM people Jan 2008- June 2008. Everyone of you played a role in making these 6 months a life-changing experience for me. All of you contributed in many ways to making me who I am today, as they say, What a man is never changes but who a man is never stops changing. I've learnt so much more about myself in these six months than I've ever known. I've learnt so much more about people in general.

Tomorrow I pack my bags and leave. Leave to a new place, a new phase in my life. But whatever happens, I'll never forget those six months. On an unrelated note, KYUEMers who i owe money to, please hunt me down. Anybody here who's doing SAM or has done SAM can I have some advice about the course and miscellanous details etc. See you guys in another life. Bye.