Arise, Malaysiana.

For 51 years,
A false truth has been drummed into the base of our skulls,
A truth that neglects us.
A truth that treats us as if we know not the reality.

But fear not fellow men,
For the equilibrium of nature is such,
That all who seek to oppress,
Shall one day be oppressed.
That all who seek to destroy,
Shall one day be destroyed.
That all who seek to cleave and divide,
Shall one day be divided themselves.

Within us lies a force.
One whose strength is undefeatable.
It is indefatigable, indestructible, unimpendable.
It is known as hunger.
Hunger for the truth.

An awakening is coming.
One of such proportions that the fell cities of the corrupt shall tremble.
The swamp which it is built on crumble,
And the lies shall be swallowed whole into the depths of memories.

The first step was taken.
On the 8th Day of the 3rd Month, we began our march.
Our footsteps reverberate through the paved walkways,
Through the corridors of power,
Through the hallways of decay.

The gloom is lifting,
The clouds are clearing.
Hope is renewed and rekindled.

Together, shoulder to shoulder,
Regardless of trivialities.
Leaving our collars of creed, religion and colour behind.
We March.

Slowly, for the path is windy.
But surely, as the sun rises in the east.
We will arrive at our Victory.
A Victory over tyranny and oppression.
A Victory to savour for all eternity.
A Victory that will unite us.

A Victory that will usher in a New Dawn to the chapter that is Us.

- Vikraman 4/12/08