Rock The World 8.

How many of you listen to local bands? I mean on a consistent basis. Not like "I heard One Buck Short play that one time". Well I do and I actually BUY local bands' albums (which is a big deal for a unreformed pirate like me.) and go around and see their concerts and stuff.

Anyway, this coming Saturday is the 20th of Dec 2008 and Rock The World 8 is being held at Stadium Merdeka from 12pm to 12am. It's the biggest and best collection of local music talent you'll ever see in KL. So make your presence felt. Support our local music. Tickets are RM27 and can be purchased at the door! Some really big names in local music are going to be there as well including One Buck Short, Estranged, Estrella, Republic of Brickfields, OAG and Koffin Kanser.

Hope to see you all there.

EDIT: Tickets are RM27. Sorry for the error.