Ikut Suka Aku.

There is a man.
A bald man.
A man who represents evil.
Evil you ask?
An unadulterated form of destruction.

Of the very nature that is man.
For what is man but a creature who has choices.
A creature who makes decisions.
A creature who is able to obtain and retain information.
A creature who's very being is defined but his ability to be free.

This freedom comes not cheaply.
A heavy price is paid.
A price that was born by many in the past.
A price that was payable in blood, sweat and tears.
A price we take for granted.

This bald man.
This man of black heart and black blood.
This man who is a cancer.
A lecherous being,
Who feeds off the misery of others.
With his band of merry theives.

They rob, plunder, loot, kill and leave to rot.
All that is sacred.
All that is the effort of us.
All that means something to us.
All of it.

Our duty is simple.
Perform it.

St Augustine (4th Century AD) - An unjust law is no law at all.