O Positive.

Recently I decided to do something good. I decided to donate my rather useful blood. I have O (+) blood and that means I'm an universal donor. Everybody can accept my blood and hopefully the blood I gave goes to help somebody who really needs it.

Me strapped in and ready to roll.


Blood bag filled with 450ml of fresh vampire food.

Patched up and good to go!

Blood donors get free food and a certificate! Haha!

Once I saw a blood bag, I was happy. I had done a small part in helping somebody else. That person who that blood bag goes to could be of any skin colour, any religion and any socioeconomic background. He doesn't care who I was. All he will know is that somebody gave blood and he's getting it to help save his life. The blood is colour blind. All our blood is red. My blood is not the Tuan of anyone's and I doubt anyone elses blood is the Tuan either.

Ponder on it for a second.